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The Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board (NRM) through Waterwatch SA included the lower Field River in their fish monitoring program this year (2009). The monitoring activities included setting up the nets at about 4:00pm October 27, then retrieving them the following morning to count & catalogue the results.
Two sites were chosen - the lower site below left about 100 meters upstream from the beach. The second or upper site below right was about 80 meters upstream from the Cormorant Drive bridge.

Lower site

  • 10 Congolli
  • 2 Flat Headed Gudgeon
  • 162 Common Galaxias
  • 13 yabbies

Upper site

  • 4 Congolli
  • 191 Common Galaxias
  • 15 yabbies
  • numerous freshwater prawns and freshwater shrimp

The catch.

Counting and identifying the catch.

The job is not finished until the paper work is done.

AMLRNRM/Waterwatch have also created a page on their website that has even more information about the fish results. The page can be accessed here:
On the web page there is a copy of the results poster in pdf format.
Click here for a copy.
There is also an interactive Google Map available that lets you roam around the Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges checking out all of the fish monitoring sites. As with all Google Maps you can zoom in and out, looking at the sites in map or satellite view. Clicking on each site location brings up a popup box with a photo of the nets in the water, along with the species that were caught at each site.

Thanks to Jeremy Gramp from the AMLRNRM.

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