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"Regrowth" Olives.

Above is an example of one of our continuing weed problems. The olive plant has previously been treated using the "cut & paste" method of weed control. The photo on the right shows a close up of the old stump where it has been treated some time ago and the olive has simply re-grown from below the original cut. The cut & paste process will need to be repeated on the new growth until the plant eventually dies.
New olive plants are also a potential problem since the olive seeds remain viable for up to 10 years. If we remain vigilant and remove these new olives when they are small they will never become the recurring problem that the older plants represent.

Controlling Wild Olives.
Here is a short video of techniques for controlling wild olives, produced by
the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board

Casuarina glauca.

C. glauca is an invasive plant that will, if left unchecked, eventually overrun the entire area. Above left shows the trunks of a stand that has grown out of the suckers of a single tree nearby. Above right shows the same stand of glauca pushing out and overtaking the other plants around them. The density of stands of glauca are usually such that no under-story will survive beneath them.

This close up of a couple of young glauca suckers shows the distinctive vertical bark pattern that is evident in the immature plants.


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